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My Story

Let me start off this blog entry by saying that I love being a Montreal Tourist Guide. Not only do I get a chance to show visitors how great my city can truly be but I am fortunate enough to be part of a group of passionate people who live, eat, and breathe Montreal.

I know this firsthand having been an administrator for the Professional Tourist Guide Association of Montreal (APGT), and meeting such incredible people from many walks of life. It’s quite ironic that my journey to becoming a tourist guide in 2017 was somewhat of a fluke. While I have always loved Montreal, I never really knew how to make the most of my skill set while promoting how truly great this city can truly be.

Like many people my age of Italian origin, I thought the most natural career path was to enroll in a business program at university. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in International Business in 1996, and then my Masters degree in Business and Administration at McGill University in 2002. I met some incredible people during my studies, and I am happy to say that I still have many peers that I consider friends after all these years (you know who you are my MBA peeps!). 


The Montreal Playlist

(Pictured – Hommage à Oliver Jones mural – Dan Buller) The touristic season is in full swing and I am pleasantly surprised that many people are returning to visit Montreal. Whether you still do plan on visiting my fine city or have just returned from your weekend...

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Strolling along Ontario Street in HoMa

I love arteries such as Ontario street that have small local merchants catering to those living in the...

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Favourite Italian Bakeries in Montreal

It’s no secret that my Italian roots run deep in me. My family has given me the most...

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