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Favourite Microbrewery Pubs

Did you know that Quebec has been developing a solid reputation internationally for brewing some really impressive  beers locally? We have bars and pubs that are either showcasing these beers or making them themselves. This blog entry is dedicated to my favourite spots where you can enjoy some amazing beer brewed right here in Quebec.



L’Amère à Boire 2049 Saint-Denis Street – L’Amère à Boire needs no introduction as the place has been going strong long before the recent interest in the locally-brewed craft beers. While not the most attractive hangout spot, the place compensates by offering great beer and the laid-back feel associated with the Quartier Latin area. The website presents nine beers they brew but they also have other varieties depending on the season.

Brasserie Benelux 245 Sherbrooke Street W. – Located in the heart of the McGill ghetto, you would never expect a place like this in this area. Granted it does feel like a university hangout given that they are in the McGill ghetto, but the beers are up there with the best in the city (and province). 

Benelux added a second location in Verdun at 4026 Wellington, and happens to be the first bar in over 100 years to open in that Montreal borough!

Brasserie Birra  – 7129 Saint-Laurent Blvd. This fun Little Italy brewpub boasts the largest outdoor terrace during summer. Its beers have fun first names such as Ginette, Francesco and Bob! Whisky lovers rejoice, as they have a great list to choose from.

Brasserie Harricana95 Jean-Talon Street W. – At a rock’s throw from Little Italy, Harricana has a cool vibe and also offers  quality dishes, which is not always the case for brewpubs. Their website is really well done as it gives accurate descriptions of their craft beers in addition to showing the many points of purchase for those not able to make it out to the brewpub… but you should still go there!




Brewsky Pub et Brasserie Artisale385 de la Commune Street E. – This pub is always the first place that comes to mind when visitors to the city ask me where to go in Old Montreal for the local tap. You cannot get a more strategic location with it being located inside the Bonsecours market! For the adventurous type, try their P-Nut Buster milk stout. Who needs dessert when you have this very rich – and obviously nutty – beer!

Le Cheval Blanc – 809 Ontario Street E. – In 1986, Cheval Blanc became the first licensed brewpub in Montreal! It is still going strong after all thirty-five years, and the craft beer  pub is often used for jazz album launches and for live jazz performances throughout the year. Respect to one of the pioneers.

Le Dieu du Ciel29 Laurier Avenue W.– It’s almost strange to find a casual place such as Le Dieu du Ciel on a posh street like Laurier, but the place is frequented by students and hipsters alike. Countless are the times that I have sent people here after a Mile End tour…

Vices & Versa6631 Saint-Laurent Boul. – I give many tours in Little Italy so it is not surprising that I will suggest many hangout spots there. It is safe to say that Vices & Versa started a brewpub trend by setting up shop in this area many years ago and has become a veritable institution here, focusing exclusively on beers made in Quebec.  They also have a quaint little terrace where you can hear kids shoot hoops while having a beer.

Le Saint-Bock1749 Saint-Denis StreetNot only does this popular microbrewery in the Quartier Latin district brew its own beer, but it also serves up a fine selection from other local Quebec breweries.  It might get a little loud at times here, but it’s an ideal place for a great time. 

What is your favourite microbrewery in the city? Leave me a comment below!


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