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Ten Reasons Why I Love Montreal ( Part 2)

It’s not only about Montreal being a big North American city with a European flair. After giving you the first five reasons in my initial blog entry, here is the second part of my blog entry giving you more reasons why this city means so much to me: English Pug and French Poodle –...


Ten Reasons Why I Love Montreal ( Part 1)

My love affair with Montreal began at a very young age. My parents were two Italian immigrants who left their homeland to build better lives for themselves. I was lucky enough to be raised in a city where cultural diversity is welcomed and where we do have the opportunity to live a good life....


Pink Floyd – Their Mortal Remains at Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal

Any excuse is a good excuse to visit the Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal, one of my favourite exhibition halls located in trendy Griffintown. Now imagine when this classic rock fan heard the news that the Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains exhibit was making its way to the city. I was so excited that I...


The Montreal Playlist

(Pictured – Hommage à Oliver Jones mural – Dan Buller) The touristic season is in full swing and I am pleasantly surprised that many people are returning to visit Montreal. Whether you still do plan on visiting my fine city or have just returned from your weekend in the metropolis here are my suggestions...


Strolling along Ontario Street in HoMa

I love arteries such as Ontario street that have small local merchants catering to those living in the fun Hochelaga Maisonneuve borough. While it may not be as pretty as some other streets such as Saint-Catherine street (when it is not under construction) or the Main, it more than compensates with its authenticity and...


Favourite Italian Bakeries in Montreal

It’s no secret that my Italian roots run deep in me. My family has given me the most beautiful gift in passing down those Italian traditions that they brought with them when they immigrated to Quebec many years ago. My friends and family also know that I am a genuine foodie, and I get...

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Tour de Montréal en auto privé

Souhaitez-vous voir les incontournables de Montréal sans vous soucier de la logistique? Profitez pleinement des attraits touristiques de la “ville aux cent clochers” et laissez votre guide-chauffeur s’occuper du reste.Cette visite de quatre heures vous permettra de découvrir tous les sites incontournables de Montréal aux côtés d’un guide passionné ayant vécu dans la métropole...

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Visite gourmande du Plateau

We’ll spend most of our time strolling along the borough main avenue – Mont-Royal – while indulging in the many delicacies of this fun area. This tour also covers the historical past from its humble beginnings as quarries to how it has evolved into one of Montreal’s hippest sectors. From local Quebec specialties to...

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Journée à Québec

Leave it up to your friendly neighbourhood tourist guide to plan all the logistics for your day trip from Montreal to Quebec City. This is a full-day affair for those wishing to get a glimpse of the city, and to see why so many people get enchanted by this great little big city!  ...

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Les saveurs de la Petite Italie

Les Montréalais adorent la Petite Italie pour ses nombreux cafés et restaurants branchés, mais ce quartier demeure avant tout l’un des principaux lieux de rassemblement culturel de la communauté italienne, qui a tant contribué au développement de Montréal. Constatez par vous-même l’évolution de ce quartier iconique en visitant différentes institutions marquantes comme l’église Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense,...